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October 1st, 2002

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03:30 pm - New Elfwood Community
Because Elfwood is an ever-expanding project in and of itself, with thousands of artists of all different ability levels, it's not uncommon to see professional-level work in one gallery, while the next gallery over is filled with tiny figures in the middle of a 700x700 pixel square surrounded by blank space, drawn on lined paper.

The time has come to balance that equation a bit. ew_imagedoctors is a new lijejournal community whose purpose it is to connect novice artists with more experienced ones, who can volunteer their assistence in basic image doctoring, from cropping and englarging so evening out bad scans, fixing color blanace and even removing lines from lined paper.

Do you know your way arounds painter, photoshop, or even photodeluxe-- or perhaps any of a number of different image-editing programs? Would you like to take an active role in beautifying Elfwood and helping ALL of it's members achieve the best that they possibly can artistically? Then Image Doctors needs you.

You can volunteer to edit and adjust as many pictures as you want to do in a week, or a month. Persons requesting assistence will ask for it in a post, and volunteers can reach them in the comments boxes. It's that simple.

Are you a new artist who doesn't know their way around image-editing programs? Do your scans *always* seem to come out bad? Did you just draw the very best picture of your life-- on lined paper? Image Doctors was created to help you display your art as neatly and professionally as possible.

Let's work together to help all Elfwood artists achieve their very best in online art-display techniques.

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Date:November 26th, 2004 04:26 pm (UTC)
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