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October 25th, 2001

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11:36 pm - Congratulations!
To the winners of the contest "lights in the darkness"

For People's Choice:
maggock with

For Administrator's Choice:
shingkhor with:

All the entries were wonderful, please keep them up on your sites for viewing! Such a wide variety of artistic talent!

Maggock's entry:

Shingkhor's entry:

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Date:October 26th, 2001 12:28 pm (UTC)

They are both very worthy winners, their pictures are full of life and colour.
The first one, poor lonely creature (can't quite make out if its a gryphon or not?) the depth of the blue in the sky is lovely and the lights seem to be telling him he is not really alone.

The second, I feel so sad for the fairy all alone in a beautifull place so full of light. The colours are fantastic.

Well done both of you, you deserve to win.

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