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October 25th, 2001

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01:04 pm - Announcing the new Elfwood-LJ Community Service Project!
It looks like handdrawn is on its feet!
Please visit and review the userinfo for more information.

Here is an excerpt:

We all need something to identify with, and some of us like to think outside the box.
Searching for a new userpic? Looking for something creative? You've found the right place.

handdrawn is the first community service project to be implemented by the elfwood community. Elfwood Artists have volunteered their time, creativity, and efforts, to offer you personally HANDDRAWN userpics for Livejournal and Elfwood.

handdrawn was created to combat the use of cropped copyrighted artwork as userpics, a practice done by many Livejournal users, without credit to the appropriate artists. By offering Elfwood talents, we hope to give people the enjoyment of fantasy and sci-fi artwork, but maintain the rights of artists and their work on the internet.

Take a look: handdrawn!

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