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November 6th, 2001

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09:38 pm - New Coordinators
I have added two new coordinators to posting access for this journal.

pussinboots represents ew_gothic, the elfwood gothic community
curvature represents handdrawn, the elfwood userpic project

Please note that posts here should be limited to specific project announcements to the general Elfwood community. The general etiquette is that one writes a detailed announcement or summary for elfwoodprojects and then plugs the announcement in elfwood, when appropriate (rather than double posts in both journals, or a single post in Elfwood).

If you are heading up an Elfwood project and would like to post announcements about its activities here, please send an email to Tarlia and me (lightmare) with a brief description of your project and why you would like posting access at this journal (ie: what types of announcements or polls you would need to do).


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Date:November 8th, 2001 10:37 am (UTC)
Nevermind I wrote it again *crosses fingers* hope I did not forget anything

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